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With more than 10 years experience,  our 3 facilities dedicate to offer customer aluminum complete solutions including Prototyping,Die Casting Production, Machining from solid , extrusion, forging ,etcWe offer One-stop Solution.Integrate Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, Die casting, Machining, Sand blasting,  Tumbling, Cleaning etc. all in house and out-sourcing other surface Treatments. High Quality , Fast Production, Fast Response , Friendly service are Our Core Values.Our Market Target are High M...

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1.10 years' Experience in die casting field ,serve customers all over the world.
2.Internationalized equipment (CNC,Turning & milling machines,etc.)
2. Based on rapid prototyping & die casting for high mix, small to medium volume project,our products are up to standard of Europe and America with short lead time
3. OEM manufacturing machining as per customers' drawings or design upon customer's request.
4.Well trained work team
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